Strange. Creepy. Disturbing. All words that describe today’s story in which a drunk woman broke into a house and tried to breastfeed the homeowner’s baby!

I don’t know about you, but I’m leery of a stranger that wants to touch my baby, let alone breastfeed her.

According to the Daily Mail UK:

An apparently intoxicated woman broke into a stranger’s home in eastern South Dakota and tried to breast feed a two-month-old child.

The child’s mother was awoken around 5am when she found the strange woman in her house trying to breast feed her child. She called 911 and safely got the baby away from the woman who proceeded to lie down in bed like she was home-sweet-home until police arrived.

Breastfeeding while you’re wasted is already a big no-no. But trying to feed a stranger’s kid? I think they make special white vests and big rubber rooms for people like this.