Don't you love when you go to watch a movie you remembered loving from your childhood and when you turn it on you think, "OMG, that's so-and-so, I don't remember them being in this movie!"

Something like that just happened to me today. I was perusing George Lopez's resume and guess what the first movie he is credited as an actor in was?

I must have watched that movie at least 4-dozen times in my life, and not once did I recognize George Lopez, but sure enough he was one of the major characters (Eddie Martinez).

He looks so young! But I suppose he was much younger at the time. He is credited as an actor in 31 different productions on IMDB, one of them being his own sitcom that lasted six seasons.

Check out this clip from 'Ski Patrol'.

Crazy, eh?

If you want to see more of Geroge Lopez, he will be at the Budweiser Events Center on Saturday, June 30th and tickets are still available.