So I have been noticing videos popping up on youtube called 'Harlem Shake' and of course I watched them. I was baffled by what I was watching. Since there were so many of these videos I decided to do some investigating.  According to Wikipedia the 'Harlem Shake' is a dance, orginally called the "albee",  created in 1981 in Harlem.  It was brought mainstream in 2001 by G-Dep, who featured it in a song.

Why is it all of the sudden blowing up on youtube? No clue. What is it exactly? Well, besides what I already said, the 'Harlem Shake' is a person just dancing by themselves while everyone ignores what is going on. Then, when the bass drops in the song everyone starts going crazy and dancing. What song are they dancing to? Well, the 'Harlem Shake' of course. A dance song by the artist Baauer. Click Here to Find Out More

Is this the new 'Gangnam Style'? Time can only tell.

Here are some other versions of the 'Harlem Shake' for you to enjoy.

Some are saying this video is the one that started the trend. It is ok, kinda meh and it only gets better from there.

Here are some others