The fierce Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is promising fans the team will have a Super Bowl victory after an accident happening in Texas shook him to the core.

Miller had a fantastic season playing with the Broncos this past year but in the near future he may be fighting a little bit harder after his cousin was injured in a car accident. The accident involved millers cousin just 6 years old as well as two of his family members near their family home in West Texas.

The boy suffering from a coma shook Miller making him feel blessed after he woke from the coma caused by the accident.

"I fully believe in the Broncos winning the Super Bowl and am fully committed to it," Miller said Tuesday during a telephone interview. "And, if you go in the Denver Broncos locker room, I'm sure there are other players who have made the same guarantee to themselves," said Miller.

Miller is not trying to be arrogant by his remarks. His bold prediction is simply coming after support for his recovering family members.

"This is bigger than me. This is all about my little cousin coming back from a serious accident."
The 6 year old cousin awoke from the coma last week and Miller plans on visiting him in the next week.