We are all being inundated with Facebook posts, news reports, and rumors about the supposed “end of the world” that was “predicted” by the ancient Mayans. I think we all get a chuckle out of poking fun at the idea, but I had a realization this week: How is all this “end of the world” talk affecting kids?

At the grocery store last week I witnessed a little boy, probably 5 or so, asking his mom about the Mayan Apocalypse because of the tabloid headlines in the checkout line. Mom kind of laughed it off and told him not to worry. But this kid was genuinely concerned.

My wife is a middle school teacher, and she has had to calm down more than a few kids who are actually terrified of the world ending on Friday.

And if you browse Facebook posts and Yahoo Answers sections, there are thousands of kids who have been terrified enough to posts thousands more questions, worries and concerns of the end of this week and our total annihilation.

Imagine being in a kid’s shoes and everywhere you look someone is talking about the apocalypse happening THIS Friday and all you get from your parents is, “Don’t worry about it honey.” You watch the news and see people paid to report "facts" making jokes about doomsday and posting satirized weather graphics (Like the one below) implying the world will be a giant fireball at the end of the week. And you search the Internet for reassurance, but all you can find are hardcore believers and doomsday-sayers preaching the end of all things.

If I were a kid that was trying to make sense of the world, I’d be terrified too.

Am I saying no one should makes jokes about the supposed Mayan prediction? No. Am I saying we can’t have a little fun and make light of the “end of the world”? No.

I’m just saying that if you have kids, make sure you have actually sit down and have a talk with them about things. Give them a little reassurance, and don't treat them like they're stupid for asking a question such as, "Is the world going to end?"

As a grown up, I think we tend to forget just how scary the world can be. Jokes and sarcasm are often lost on the little ones of the world.

And kids, if you need a little reassurance here are some videos from some of the smartest people on earth who will be planning on “business as usual” this Friday, just like I am. (Even modern Mayans don't believe the world is coming to an end!)

(NASA is so sure that the world will not end, that they actually created this video for the day AFTER “doomsday” as a sort of scientific “I-told-you-so”.)