When you think of the Grizwalds, most likely Chevy Chase is bound to pop up in your mind, that is unless you live in Greeley. Mike Medhurst and his family have become known as the Greeley Grizwalds since they started decking out their home near 50th Avenue and 4th Street in Greeley in 1999.

Some might get the Grizwald title by simply having the 135,000 lights that the Medhurt's have, but along with the lights comes animated lawn decorations, multi-colored arches, Then there is the neatest feature of all, the magical display is computer controlled by 320 light channels so that the lights dance and flash in synchronicity to holiday music. This year's play list includes 17 songs with holiday favorites like "Let it Snow," and "A Holly Jolly Christmas." a 48-foot tall lighted tree adorned with a star, a 12-foot long window box featuring Santa's workshop, complete with nine animated elves and an animated Santa, and the backyard isn't off limits either. The top of the shed is adorned with rotating and bouncing displays. Each of two sets of synchronized music lasts about 15 minutes with the music broadcast over a low-power radio transmitter on 92.9 FM.

The neighbors have embraced the holiday cheer and all the extra traffic that the Greeley Grizwalds have brought to the area. Many of the nearby homes also have lights up, in smaller amounts, and the next-door neighbor finds humor in the situation by writing out "I tried" in holiday lights on the front of his home.

The display has been loved by Northern Colorado and won first place in local holiday light display contests in 2006, 2007 and 2008 when the number of lights was half the volume of what is used in this year's presentation. But, not just locals have enjoyed the display, The Greeley Grizwalds have also been featured on national Christmas display websites, such as PlanetChristmas.com and ChristmasDisplays.net.

The Greeley Grizwalds are located at 354 50th Avenue Court in Greeley. One block north of 4th Street, and 1 block east of 50th Avenue Place.The show runs daily 5:30 to 10:00 p.m. until New Year's Day. The full schedule is on the Greeley Grizwalds website.

Here is a sneak peak...