I had a lot of people tell me not to see this movie. Actually it was just one person, but he told me enough that it came across as different people. Then I found out this person wasn't a fan of the 'The 3 Stooges' tv show, so everything he told me was invalid. I grew up watching the Stooges and love their slap stick and punny humor. When I heard that there was going to be a movie made, I was very leery. After all the debacles with casting and Jim Carrey supposedly going to be in it and then backing out, I was even more leery.

That being said, I think they did a great job with casting. The guy that played Moe was pretty spot on with sounding like him and the other two were pretty close as well.

The whole premise of the movie is the three of them trying to get money to save the orphanage that they grew up in. Kind of a loose and over-done story line but they did it right. They broke the movie into three "episodes" which not only made the movie kind of flow and work it also brought the nostalgia aspect from the old shows. They did it just like the intro to the show with a punny title, their faces, and most importantly, the music.

If you are/were a fan of the show, you will like the film. If you are a fan of slapstick humor and cheesy puns, you will like the film. If none of that sounds appealing stay away.

Overall the film felt like the show, just with some different people. It had all the shenanigans you would come to expect from the Stooges plus all the kids in the theater were cracking up. As an added bonus, just to make sure kids didn't try the stunts at home, there was a disclaimer video made by the directors talking about how it was fake.

I would say that if anything this would be a rental. Its funny and has the feeling of nostalgia and seeing Moe beat up the cast of the 'Jersey Shore' made it that much better, but it can wait till rental.

I give it 3 out of 5 eye pokes.

The 3 Stooges is Rated PG for slapstick action violence, some rude and suggestive humor including language