Kearsley Rooke-Reeths is impressed with the service:

Where to start? This place is warm, welcoming, and caring. Not only do they wish to help, the providers, MA’s, and staff are all knowledgeable and helpful.

I see Ray who is an unbelievable provider with an AMAZING team working behind him. He is proficient, gives you time to explain, and is great at getting back to you with concerns. I would recommend this place to friends and family without a doubt.

Miramont has also great female providers. Some of the best I have had the pleasure to work with and be seen by.

Thank you, Miramont, for great service! Keep it up!

Kaitie Bland said the care was incredible:

I really love Sam Davis! Struggling with hypothyroidism and symptoms most of my life, I was at wits end trying to find a doctor that would treat me and how I was personally feeling, not just my lab work. Having a doctor listen to me and genuinely care is a refreshing change! When Sam isn’t available, we see Ray and he’s just as awesome. We are able to get appointments pretty easily that suit our schedule and needs. We take our whole family because we love their personal touch in our care. I’ve even got my parents from Cheyenne coming here. Can’t say enough good things about them.

Barbie Harrington loves MVP-Direct:

My husband and I have not been able to afford insurance for years as we are self employed. When we were introduced to this MVP program, our medical worries disappeared. We now can afford all of the blood tests, mammograms, colonoscopy, general physicals. It’s just an incredible medical facility with an amazing team of professionals. Your team rocks! I am truly grateful and so pleased with all of the services you have rendered to me and my family. Keep up the great work!

We got some rave reviews on Facebook, too: