The last thing anyone wants to see when they come home from their vacation is that someone broke in to their home.

That happened to a Georgia man, but it wasn’t a typical break-in. Intruders had washed their dog in his bathroom and had a birthday party at the house.

According to The Huffington Post, this guy returned home from a vacation and noticed a dog collar in his bathroom and dog hair everywhere. That was his first tip that something was amiss. He then found leftover birthday cake in his kitchen and a camera full of pictures from the birthday bash that had taken place in his home.

He called police who identified two teenagers and a younger child in the camera photos and contacted their parents.

The kids apologized and returned the man’s spare keys and in-turn, he is not pressing charges against them.

Breaking into a neighbor’s house to throw a birthday party and wash your dog? And then leaving photographic evidence of it all at the scene?

I’m hoping the parents of these kids had some severe punishment lined up for them.

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Picture by, Will Clayton, Flickr.