When I was a kid I was a Ninja-Turtle junkie. I came home after school everyday to see what antics the heroes in a half-shell were up to, I had a box full of ninja turtle action figures, and was in line to see their first movie opening day.

Check out this video that was re-created by Kyle Roberts and crew. It is a complete remake of the 1987 Ninja Turtles cartoon series intro, done in stop-motion animation. They even got a band called called 'The Boom Bang' to cover the TMNT theme song.

Cool, huh?

Just how much work went into this two minutes of animation? According to The FW,

Overall, it consists of 4,000 individually shot frames, with 60 hand drawn images. The song itself was also custom commissioned from Oklahoma band The Boom Bang.

All of this was commissioned by the Toy and Action Figure Museum out of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.