An 18-year-old from Miami took a girl out on what could be the worst first date of all time.

He had a fake name and took her to an Applebee’s (Awww, a true romantic) while his friend robbed her house. And you'll never guess what else he did.

According to True Crime Report the man introduced himself to the woman as "Florenciano Valentino” and asked her out on a date. Before he picked her up, he and an accomplice had scouted the place out and once the date was underway the accomplice cleaned out $5,000 in electronics from the poor girl’s house.

To make matters worse “Valentino” also stole his date’s cell phone and ran out on the date stiffing her with the bill.

Stealing her stuff, taking her phone and leaving her with the bill? Romance is definitely not this guy’s forte.

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

Picture by Ding Yuin Shan, Flickr. (Photo not the couple involved in the story.)


Police, TSAs and drive-thru attendants are generally not the best people to try out practical jokes on. You can end up with spit in your food, miss your flight for a cavity search, or end up in prison. Fortunately for this 15-year-old girl her accidental prank just landed her a little bit of hot water with police.

Authorities in Arkansas tracked down the girl who had sent a text message to an officer the read, “I hid the body ... now what?” It was a prank test gone horribly wrong.


According to CNET the girl said she had been inspired by a photo on Pinterest that said,

“When I’m bored, I send a text to a random number saying ‘I hid the body ... now what?’

She was bored. She had a cell phone. You can guess what she did.

She dialed in a random number from to 479-area code and sent the ‘body’ message. Her prank took a turn for the worse because the number she’d picked turned out to be a police detective. When you work on homicide cases, text messages about dead bodies are no laughing matter.

Police traced the text back to the girl’s phone and showed up to question her and her father. They let her off with a warning, but told her she could have been charged with initiating or circulating a false emergency report.

Guess who won’t be sending any text messages for awhile.