I found out two things today, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are best friends and MTV is revamping their prank show 'Punk'd'.  You remember 'Punk'd' right? The show where celebrities get pranked, which is a good concept except for the shows host Ashton Kutcher. He was kind of annoying. Anyway, the new season starts March 29th and it starts out with a bang.The Bieb's decides to prank sweet little Taylor and make her think that she ruined a wedding. From the short clip it appears that she doesn't take it too well and for good reason. If her songs and the media have taught us anything about her, it is that she is a romantic. So, ruining someone's special day is a big disaster to her. Who knows, her next big hit could be based on this.

Are you going to watch the new season of 'Punk'd'?


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