Talking to the dead is really a daily occurrence in my world, for example, 'Mom, what would you do about these rose bushes?" I'm not sure if that really counts in the psychic's world, but she answers lots of questions right from heaven in mine.

This weekend we're invited to Cheyenne for haunted history walking & trolley tours, historical building investigations and séances. There will be spirits at Haunted Happy Hours on Friday & Saturday nights with a Paranormal Challenge Game produced by the Society of Kindred Spirits, prizes will be awarded.

This invitation comes from the Spirit of the Rockies Paranormal Conference
Their press release comes from the Cheyenne Convention and Visitors Bureau
There will be psychics doing readings, classes, and many more activities that reportedly are to die for.  Contact Jill Pope for more - if you dare - at 307-778-7248.