Fort Collins Police Looking for Electronics Thief
Not only has this suspect stolen from a Fort Collins department store, but it looks like they have stolen from the same store on multiple occasions. If you think you have information that could lead to his capture, please call officials immediately.
Scumbags Steal $150 From Kids’ Lemonade Stand
Three young girls were doing a good deed in Georgia.  They opened a lemonade stand in order to raise money for a sick toddler who was born with just 1/3 of his brain.  They had raised $150 when a man and a woman walked up and stole their money jar!
Ultimate Revenge On Laptop Thief [VIDEO]
A computer guru got revenge on a thief that stole his laptop after he used remote access to the device and found an embarrassing video of the crook dancing (very badly) to Fat Joe and Lil' Wayne.