Robber Gets Arm Stuck in Door- Say “What!?”
Have you ever went to the vending machine and got down on a knee and put your arm in the slot to try and get yourself some free goodies and your arm feels like it almost gets stuck? That is essentially what this teen in Ireland did except, instead of a vending machine, it was some body's  …
Gas Station “Politely” Robbed In Seattle
Here’s the deal, just because you are polite when you rob a convenience store, and you promise to pay the money back, doesn’t make it any less illegal. Especially when you're waving a gun in the face of the clerk.
Burglar Leaves Phone Behind
We have heard a lot of stories of dumb criminals being caught because they either left their phone behind or took pictures with it, but this guy decided to take "leave your phone behind" to a new level. The 25 year old man broke into a Maryland home and while he was there he decide…