Brewery Review: Horse & Dragon
The brewery business is undoubtedly tough here in the "Napa Valley of Beer," as Fort Collins has been officially nicknamed in recent years. It takes a good atmosphere, a thoughtful location, and.... oh yeah, good beer.
Shots Fired At Denver Marijuana Dispensary On Sunday
Shots were fired during a robbery at Rino Dispensary in Denver on Sunday.
According to Denver Police Department, 3 black men entered the store and fired 3 shots. They may have left the scene in a silver Mercedes or Volkswagen.
No one was physically harmed in the shooting...
‘The Hurt Locker’ -Movie Review Monday
I saw this movie a couple of years ago when it was in the theaters and it simply blew me away.  I kind of forgot about it until I saw the 'Avengers' and remembered that Jeremy Renner(Hawkeye) was the main guy in the movie and that I really enjoyed it. I decided to re-watch it and shar…
‘Cabin in the Woods’- Movie Review Monday
The whole time I was watching this movie I kept asking myself, "what the hell am I watching?" This is one of the weirdest movies I have seen in a while. It wasn't bad, just totally not what I thought. The preview makes it look kinda 'Saw' esque with kids trapped in a…
“Transformers: Dark Of The Moon” – Beano’s Review
Transformers: Dark Of The Moon hit theatres last night with Derek & I first in line at the Carmike Cinemas on Horsetooth for the very first showing (Complete with our giddy faces on).
I'll sum it up like this; if you liked the first two Transformers movies, you'll probably love it. If you didn't …
Best Coffee In Northern Colorado — Our Top Five
We know you can get coffee just about everywhere. The grocery store, the office, the bank, restaurants, fast food joints, even car dealerships. But an actual coffee shop is its own animal. Their focus is coffee, and creating the perfect environment for you to enjoy it. Northern Colorado is home …

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