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Police Oppose Red Light Camera Ban In Colorado
The red light camera ban that is before the Colorado Senate is getting some heat from the Aurora Police Department.
Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates says the cameras are about protecting people — saving lives — and not so much about the revenue they generate...
Local Official Fighting Red Light Cameras & Photo Radar Vans
Is it a matter of public safety on the roadways or is it just a revenue generator?  That is the question that is up for debate.
Republican Senator Scott Refroe, of Greeley, has introduced a bill to ban red light cameras & photo radar vans in Colorado.  ...
Driver Gets Ticket From A City He’s Never Been To
You come from school or work and get the mail, to find something from a city that look official.  That may or may not be odd.  What you discover next, makes you say what?!
A 20-year-old student from Orlando, Florida had just received a Red Light ticket from a city he's never been to...