U2’s 360 Tour is Biggest in History
According to U2's "360" tour is now officially the most successful tour of all time. "360" surpassed the gross earnings  of The Rolling Stones' "Bigger Bang" tour Sunday night with a sold out show in Sao Paulo.  …
3 Doors Down Sets Date for New Album
There is a new album on the way from multi-platinum rockers 3 Doors Down.  The album is called Time of My Life and will hit stores later this year on July 16.
Kinect For X-Box Outsells iPhone, iPad
I’m not a afraid to admit that I still love video games. I was skeptical of a lot of the new "movement-controllers" like the Wii, the Move, and the Kinect when they first appeared. But now that I've used them, I have to admit they  are fun.  After I tried out a Kinect I pretty much  "…
New Colbie Caillat Album On May 3rd
Colbie Caillat, the 25-year-old singer/songwriter/guitarist from Malibu, California is putting the finishing touches on her 3rd full length album, All Of You. It hits shelves on May 3rd on Universal Republic Records.
The World’s Most Expensive Purse
How much would you pay for a really nice purse? Fifty bucks? A hundred bucks? Maybe three hundred? Well, break out the plastic ladies and gents because this thing will set you back a cool 3.8 million dollars!
Lady Gaga #1 On Billboard Hot 100
Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" is the 1,000th #1 single since Billboard started the Hot 100 in 1958. "Born This Way" sold 448,000 copies, which breaks Brittany Spears' record, set just last month, for the biggest first-week digital sales tally for a hit by…