Should The Radio Station Get A Redbox Kiosk?
I think Townsquare Media (a.k.a. the radio station) should have a Redbox kiosk sitting out front of its building in Windsor.
Sure, Redbox kiosks are everywhere, but having one at the radio station would be even more convenient to you - picking up movies and games for the kids (or yourself) while runn…
My First Time On-Air – Journey of the Newbie
I love music, particularly live music. I love radio, I grew up with all the local radio stations and being born and raised in Northern Colorado, if I were to move I'd be homesick for them as much as the mountains or Colorado itself.
Beano’s “Chubby Bunnies” Battle [VIDEO]
In anticipation of the Easter weekend, we had a little inter-station "Chubby Bunny Challenge" yesterday with brightly colored Marshmallow Peeps.  Susan Moore faced off against Todd Harding from K99 and then I squared off against Brain Gary.  (If you don't know what C…

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