Pumpkin Pickin’ Paradise Pumpkin Patch in Milliken
Yesterday while we were on our way to run some errands, we ran into a cool pumpkin patch by our house. While taking a back road, we passed by a pumpkin patch in Milliken called Pumpkin Pickin' Paradise off of Road 52 and Highway 257. We decided to stop in and take a look around...
Too Soon… Way Too Soon
Sunday was like any other day that I grab coffee from Starbucks. I bring my new favorite mug in to the King Soopers in Windsor to get my iced coffee with caramel and some half and half as we were heading over to a coworker's house for a Sunday Funday shindig...
Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween
Ringing doorbells, weird-looking humans, FOOD...Halloween can be an exciting time for pets, and it's important to keep them safe with all that excitement going on.
Here are some tips to keep your pets safe on October 31!

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