Frozen Pants Pop Up in Minneapolis
If you've ever been to Minneapolis - or anywhere in the Midwest, for that matter - you know how frigid the temps can get. That said, humor has a way of warming people's hearts (even when it's negative 60 degrees Fahrenheit).
Yoga Pants Prank Part 2
Remember a few weeks ago when I shared the video of the guy wearing yoga pants and fooling random strangers to check him out? Well, he is back and he brought a friend.
Dave Jensen Gets a Birthday Surprise! [Office Prank]
It's no secret that we love to have a great time here at the radio station, which frequently involves playing jokes and carrying out pranks. Dave Jensen celebrated a birthday on Sunday, so he decided to take an extra day off of work to make it a long and relaxing birthday weekend. The mistake h…
Derek’s New Work Helmet, Low Ceilings No Longer a Problem [VIDEO]
The mark Derek's head left on the ceiling.
If you didn't read about it yesterday, Derek had an incident with the low ceiling an a stairway here in our building. Lesson learned? If you're tall enough to almost touch the ceiling with your head, bounding down the stairs is a bad idea.
In order to keep …
Zurich Has Bieber Fever [Video]
I have to admit something here before I go any further into this blog... I am not a big fan of Justin Bieber. I know, I know. Some of you are shocked, but honestly I haven't even heard one of his songs. Go me.
Where Did April Fool’s Day Come From?
There isn't really a crystal clear history of the April Fool’s Day tradition. But most experts seem to agree that it originated back around 1582 in conjunction with the reform of the calendar.  When did the pranks start coming?