New Belgium Brewery

Bill Clinton Comes to New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins [PHOTOS]
With only days left to campaign, Bill Clinton stopped by Fort Collins to represent his wife, Hillary Clinton, and to gain more supporters for her possible presidency.
With the sun shining down on New Belgium Brewery’s wide outdoor patio, the crowd packed tighter and anxiously awaited …
New Belgium Introduces New Lips Of Faith
If you are familiar with the New Belgium Brewery then you are no stranger with the new varieties they introduce almost all the time. Well, here is another one you can try... 'Lips of Faith Dieu Du Ciel.'
I'm a big fan of tasting the new brews New Belgium introduces and can't …
New Belgium Announced Best Brewery Tour In The Country
In Fort Collins, New Belgium has quickly become a household name. They offer daily tours and if you haven't been... you need to! Recently the very reputable travel website 'TripAdvisor' has announced New Belgium as the best brewery tour in the nation!

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