Mile High

Why the Name ‘Sports Authority Field’ Isn’t Going Away
Sports Authority, as you know, had to change course - in fact, so rapidly that it scrapped plans for a Foothills Mall location last minute.  However, Mile High Stadium likely won't be taking on a new naming sponsor for a good long while.  And the reason is the same for both:
Rockies First Manager Dies
When Colorado was awarded an expansion team in 1993, the team name and colors were decided. What they needed then were the right players and the right man to lead them. It's not easy to come out of the gate with a brand new franchise and compete in the National League West...
Broncos Stadium To See $30 Million In Upgrades
Roughly $30 million in upgrades are set to be made at Sport Authority Field at Mile High just in the nick of time for the 2013 season and giving the Super Bowl committee something to reconsider when it comes to the Super Bowl bid for location.