Modern Homes More Dangerous to Live in for This Reason
Modern homes burn up to 8 times faster than holder homes, according to a new study from Underwriter Laboratories. This means you have only 3 minutes to escape.
"For us, where our time periods were you know, they used to back in the day talk about 20 minutes, it's more like in the 5 to 6…
Need a Northern Colorado Home Improvement? You Can Win One!
How nice would it be get some professional help with your projects this spring? Or if you like doing it yourself, how about $1,500 worth of supplies? We want to help you get your summer projects moving along with our Home Improvement Contest!!
34 Awesome Man Caves
The ultimate getaway, at home.  You may have an epic one, it may just be a chair and a TV.  Either way these 'Man Caves' will make you drool.  At least I did (watch the keyboard!)!
The good folks at Home Stratosphere shared some of the most epic 'Man Caves' her…
Photos That Merge The Present With The Past
While scoping out I came across this collection of 75 pictures from the past that are combined with the same place in the present. This is an awesome collection. It shows how much stuff has changed, and even some stuff that has stayed the same...