Gotye at Red Rocks and You Could Go!- Ticket Tuesday
Why sing 'Somebody That I used to Know' along with the radio when you could sing it along with Gotye live at Red Rocks? Gotye is playing Red Rocks on August 22nd and we have your chance to go with Ticket Tuesday! Listen all day for your chance!
‘Starwars That I Used to Know’- Gotye Parody
I think that Gotye's  song, 'Somebody That I Used to Know', is quickly becoming one of the most popular songs to cover, and to parody. The latest parody that is a buzz on the internet  speaks to us nerds. The main theme of the song is bashing, kind of, George Lucas and how h…
3-Year-Old Rocking Out to Gotye in Her Carseat [VIDEO]
My daughter is only three months old but she'll be doing plenty of singing and dancing soon enough. I saw this viral video of a 3-year-old dancing in her car seat to Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used to Know' and I think I caught a glimpse of my own daughter's no-too-distant fut…
Ingrid Michaelson’s Side Project- Army of 3
I have had the privilege to meet Ingrid a couple of times and even drive her around! She is freaking hilarious and she is extremely talented. And with her side project, 'Army of 3', her talent shines even more.  So far she has only two videos, but they are amazing covers of Gotye and Rihanna and she…
Who is Gotye and How Do You Pronounce His Name? [VIDEO]
Who is Gotye? How Do You Pronounce His Name? Who is the girl singing with him in 'Somebody that I Used To Know'? These are all questions I hear daily.
Gotye, pronounced 'GOH-TEE-YAY' is the man behind the song 'Somebody that I Used to Know'. A song climbing music charts everywhere, and with well ove…
Another Amazing Cover From WOTE- The Beatles
These guys seem to be blowing up lately thanks to their great cover of Gotye's song 'Somebody That I used to Know' and now the Walk Off the Earth group is back with another great cover. This time they covered The Beatles'  'From Me to You'.

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