A House Blew Up In Firestone [Video]
While no deaths have been confirmed, the latest update from Denver 7 is that two men are trapped under the rubble of this house.  They had been making repairs on a water heater in the basement when they became trapped.  Also, two others were taken to the hospital with injuries fr…
Horrific Footage Of Boston Marathon Explosion [VIDEO]
The news about the tragedy in Boston is sad and unnerving. Two explosions happened near the finish line of the Boston Marathon and another at the JFK library. Dozens of people are hurt and at least two lives have been lost in the blasts. This raw video footage of one of the blasts is downright terri…
At Least 31 Dead In Russian Airport Explosion
Breaking news from CNN. Moscow's busiest airport was rocked by an explosion earlier today which has left at least 31 dead. Russia's president said the tragedy appears to be an act of terrorism.