Drew's Video of the Day

What Does 200 Calories Look Like? [VIDEO]
I've lost close to 40 pounds since November, and managed to keep it off (at least so far). One lesson I really had to learn was how to manage calorie intake; and that's difficult because calories come in so many different forms.
Scientists Achieve Levitation! [VIDEO]
Every so often, something comes along that makes me wish I had been a scientist. Then, memories of high school chemistry make me remember why that would have been terrible. But anyway, this video proves that science is just plain cool!
May Snowstorm Time Lapse Shows Snow Piling Up [VIDEO]
Oddly enough, I've never seen a time lapse video of snow before. Kinda weird, considering I've lived in this crazy-snow state my whole life. Well someone made a time lapse video of this weird May snowstorm; and it's pretty neat!
What If Jim Lehrer Had Been A Better, Stricter Moderator? [VIDEO]
I watched the first Presidential debate with a frustrated, furrowed brow. At numerous times, both candidates just talked over each other, and dragged out the same points over and over again. I feel like they got away with this, in large part, due to the moderator, Jim Lehrer. He just seemed like …

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