Best American Cities For Good Old-Fashioned Fun
What, according to Wallet Hub at least, constitutes a "fun city?"

Movie ticket prices
Number of public parks and theme parks
How many ice cream shops the city has
The weather
Number of bars

Top Ten Fun Cities?
1.  Orlando...
Fuel Tanker Fire on I-25 Causes RTD Light Rail Lines to Melt
If you or someone you know uses the RTD light rail in the Denver Tech Center, you need to know that the lines from a fuel tanker fire have been melted causing significant delays in transit times.
The Denver Channel is reporting that a fuel tanker has caught fire on Interstate 25 causing I-25 to be sh…
Guy Assaults CO Cop, And (Shocker) Gets Shot [Video]
WHEN.  WHEN??  Will people collectively figure out that you DON'T screw with a cop???!!!  Right or wrong, man, the officer is going to win EVERY TIME.  I figured that out on my own in junior high watching Rescue 911!  What is wrong with people...
Lesser-Talked-About Denver Gems
This is for when you just need to escape your everyday surroundings, but still keep it simple.  Since I'm restoring my entire house, I have to remind myself to get the heck away regularly!  This is also great for your relationship with your sweetheart, and kids, but it can also be the…

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