Rob Zombie Directs Commercial For Woolite Laundry Detergent [VIDEO]
Rob Zombie is a musician, a film director, a screenwriter and film producer. And now he is the man behind a new commercial for Woolite laundry detergent.
Seriously, I'm not making this up.
Mr. horror-movie himself was in the director's chair for a laundry detergent commercial and you can wat…
Little Darth Vader Interview [VIDEO]
There were a lot of mediocre commercials this year during the Superbowl in my opinion. I was let down by the companies that usually put out really funny ads. The one that really stood out to me as one of the best is the little Darth Vader VW commercial...
10 Of The Best Super Bowl XLV Ads [VIDEO]
The Green Bay Packers are the champions of Super Bowl XLV. Now the three-million-dollars-for-30-seconds-of-airtime question is ... which Super Bowl ad ruled 2011? Here’s 10 of the most popular spots.