You Might Go to Jail in Boulder for Littering (Again)
Boulder, Colorado has earned itself quite the reputation for some of their laws and policies. (Whether that reputation is a good one or a bad one all depends on who you ask.) The Boulder City Council is now considering something that  would bring back the possibility of jail-time for things lik…
Japanese Man Goes On Squishing and Poking Supermarket Rampage
Hell hath no fury like a 32-year-old man scorned by supermarket employees in Japan.

A guy, upset over how employees treated him, went on a rampage and destroyed almost $600 worth of merchandise.

I'm pretty sure the phrase, “You can’t arrest me, I’m a Colts player,”…
Man Arrested For Horseback Riding While Drunk In Boulder
Being a sixth-round draft pick for the Indianapolis Colts is no reason to go all 'Ron Burgundy', but safety Jon Boyett got drunk and decided he was too big of a deal to be arrested after being denied entrance at a nightclub.

I'm pretty sure the phrase, “You can’t arrest…
Boulder Woman Steals Her Own Bike Back Thanks To Craigslist
Craigslist is a great place for selling things, finding cheap stuff, job postings and missed connections. However, if a bike thief is dumb enough to steal your bike and post it for sale on there, you might be able to steal it right back.

At least that’s what a Boulder woman did.
Boulder Road Closed After Water Main Caused Massive Sinkhole
Folsom Street in Boulder is under a bit of repair after a water main caused a large sinkhole to develop in the middle of the busy street near the University of Colorado Campus.
Early Thursday morning a water main breakage forced the city of Boulder to redirect traffic for the time being while constru…

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