Japanese Man Goes On Squishing and Poking Supermarket Rampage
Hell hath no fury like a 32-year-old man scorned by supermarket employees in Japan.

A guy, upset over how employees treated him, went on a rampage and destroyed almost $600 worth of merchandise.

I'm pretty sure the phrase, “You can’t arrest me, I’m a Colts player,”…
Man Arrested For Horseback Riding While Drunk In Boulder
Being a sixth-round draft pick for the Indianapolis Colts is no reason to go all 'Ron Burgundy', but safety Jon Boyett got drunk and decided he was too big of a deal to be arrested after being denied entrance at a nightclub.

I'm pretty sure the phrase, “You can’t arrest…
Boulder Woman Steals Her Own Bike Back Thanks To Craigslist
Craigslist is a great place for selling things, finding cheap stuff, job postings and missed connections. However, if a bike thief is dumb enough to steal your bike and post it for sale on there, you might be able to steal it right back.

At least that’s what a Boulder woman did.
Boulder Road Closed After Water Main Caused Massive Sinkhole
Folsom Street in Boulder is under a bit of repair after a water main caused a large sinkhole to develop in the middle of the busy street near the University of Colorado Campus.
Early Thursday morning a water main breakage forced the city of Boulder to redirect traffic for the time being while constru…
Bear Mace Used In Boulder Marijuana Dispensary Robbery
Thursday evening in Boulder four victims were maced with bear spray in order for a suspect to rob the marijuana dispensary.
After police arrived they required firefighter support in order to air out the building of the bear spray before they could enter to investigate...

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