Who Will Be the Winner in the Rocky Mountain Showdown?
Did you see who the favorites are in this years "Rocky Mountain Showdown"? If you are a Colorado State University fan, you can't be too happy with how the odds makers have listed the Rams for this weekend.
The Buffs are currently listed as three point favorites for this weekend…
5 Best Cities For Millennials In Colorado
In a list from, 5 cities in Colorado are come of the best cities in the country for millennials.
Here are the cities that made the list, and at what number they ranked:
Denver - #11
Boulder - #26
Fort Collins - #39
Lakewood - #69
Aurora - #92
Denver was ranked at #7 on last year's list of be…
You Might Go to Jail in Boulder for Littering (Again)
Boulder, Colorado has earned itself quite the reputation for some of their laws and policies. (Whether that reputation is a good one or a bad one all depends on who you ask.) The Boulder City Council is now considering something that  would bring back the possibility of jail-time for things lik…

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