Dropkick Murphys Raise $65K for Boston Marathon Bombing Victims
Boston natives the Dropkick Murphys have always been closely associated with their hometown, and the band has used that connection to help raise $65,000 for victims of the Boston Marathon bombings and their relatives. The Murphys raised the loot in less than 15 hours by selling a Beantown-themed t-s…
Show Your Support And ‘Run For Boston’
A lot of people are still looking for ways to help those affected by the terror attacks in Boston during the Boston Marathon, or to at least show support for people out there. Well, a CNN iReporter named OberBecca has created something for people to log their walked, jogged, biked and run miles in s…
Family Cat Summoned for Jury Duty
Snafus in the legal system are nothing new, but this story seems a little over the top. A house cat was called for jury duty in Boston, and when its owner filed for disqualification of service her request was denied!