Between the allure of specialty holiday beverages and the overabundance or Starbucks gift cards in my house from the holidays, I saw my fair share of cardboard coffee cups in the trash over the past few weeks.
Get this, Starbucks will start selling reusable cups for $1 starting tomorrow (Jan. 3rd, 2013) in hopes of cutting down the number of coffee cups that end up in the dump.

According to the Denver Post, Starbucks already offers a 10-cent discount for any customer that brings a reusable cup for a refill and they will start selling plastic reusable to-go cups in hopes to get more people to reuse and cut down on cup waste. The new reusable cups are made of a white plastic and look very similar to the disposable to-go cups the coffee chain uses now. (And if you're a germ-a-phobe, the cups will be cleaned with boiling water for you before being refilled.)

To me this seems like a great idea...except; to offset the cost of a cup I would need to re-use it ten times.  And I would have to remember the cup every time I went to Starbucks. I can foresee myself trying to do me good deed for mother earth and ending up with a stash of 6-7 empty reusable Starbucks in my car/office/kitchen, and then having to throw most of them away after all. I'm not trying to be a Debbie-downer, I just know how forgetful I am. Here's to hoping the reusable cup theory fares far better than that for most people.

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Picture by GoodNCrazy, Flickr.