Advertisers always want to make sure you hear their message. And the knee-jerk reaction companies had to make that happen on TV was, “Let’s make our commercials louder than anything they’re watching!”

Well, you can rejoice because the FCC passed a new rule yesterday that will require TV stations to monitor and regulate the volume level of everything they air.

We’ve all been there. Sitting home with your television on in the background, maybe getting a few things done in your living room, your show goes to commercial and WHAM! Suddenly there is an ad for some used car dealership screaming at four times the volume of the show you had on. You heart skips a beat, you spill your drink, curse under your breath, and find the remote to turn the TV down...swearing to never buy whatever is being advertised at that moment.

You're not alone. New York Daily News cited a 2009 Harris Poll that found 90% of television viewers were bothered by loud commercials.

Next December will can take a deep breath of serenity.

The Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to require broadcasters and cable and satellite TV operators to regulate those irritating commercials that are noticeably louder than their accompanying shows.

This new FCC rule will require those TV operators to spend up to 20-grand on equipment to monitor and adjust volume levels and they will have 12 months to do it.

It's about darn time.