Saturday is National Cash Mob Day and Northern Colorado is certainly making a fine home to the mobs. Fort Collins just had a successful one last night and there will be a cash mobs in Windsor and Loveland on Saturday.

What the heck are cash mobs and where will they be?Fort Collins actually had a cash mob last night (They call them 'Plaid Mobs' and they have one on the 3rd Tuesday of every month) and according to Be Local Northern Colorado Green Logic pulled in over $800 during the mob. You can see a recap of the event here.

“Cash mobs” are spreading across the country. A cash mob is an effort to help support local businesses. It’s basically a group of people showing up and pledging to spend $20 in a designated local shop. It’s an infusion of cash into the cash mob’s community that stays in the community. A very cool, 'viral' attempt to highlight some of the great stores and products in local communities and help out local economies.