A Russian doctor recently trashed a car dealership after having to wait for 20-minutes.

He caused tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage for a 20-minute inconvenience?! Seems like this guy might have a few anger issues. Check out the video of his make-shift demolition derby below!According to The Sun UK, our 40-year-old comrade lost his temper inside the Pelican Cars dealership in Moscow when he came to pick up his newly repaired Nissan Navara. He showed up to get the car driving a 4-wheel-drive Suzuki. He was asked to wait while they brought the repaired car up for him.

He sat in the waitng area calmy smoking a cigarette, but after 20-minutes something insdie him snapped. He jumped into his SUV and drove it through the showroom window and started ramming into every car (and wall) inside. He effectively trashed everything in the showroom and the fiasco came to an end when his Suzuki got stuck, wedged between two office doors.

Fortunately nobody was injured, but the dealership plans on pressing some pretty serious charges against the doctor.

In mother Russia, when you repair car, you repair it now!