Wow, it's not everyday that a school in Fort Collins makes the front page. But Rocky Mountain High School did today. Apparently students at the school have been translating and reading the Pledge of Allegiance in different languages. On Monday they read the pledge in Arabic and now there has been a bit of an uproar on the Internet about it.

You can see a screenshot of the MSN homepage below, that caught my attention when I saw the words "Rocky Mountain High School." According to their story Rocky's principal has been bombarded by angry critics.

I'm getting worn down a little bit by how intense [the critics'] sense of hate has been represented...When [the students] pledge allegiance to the United States, that's what they're saying. They're just using another language as their vehicle.

Right now, the MSN story alone has over 700 comments on it, most of which seem to be bashing the school, the students, the teachers and the administrators for allowing it to happen. (And there is a good dose of profanity, anti-Muslim hate speech, and religious arguments in those comments as well.) And, of course, some supporters as well. What's your take?

MSN Screenshot