What do you get when you have a president who has every word he speaks recorded on video and a group of video editors with a lot of spare time on their hands? A cleverly-edited lip dub of our President 'singing' 'Jingle Bells'.


President Barack Obama singing 'Jingle Bells'...who'da thunk?

This was uploaded by Music Maker from a string of videos called "BarackDubs". Other songs they've done include; 'Call Me Maybe'', 'Sexy and I Know It,' 'Boyfriend', and 'Get Lucky'. One of their best pieces of work, in my opinion, might just be this version of Bill Clinton singing 'Blurred Lines'. Hilarious!

The YouTube channel says they will be putting up a new video every day until Christmas, so we can look forward to plenty more holiday lip dubs.

Welcome to Maker Music's 'A Very Maker Music Christmas.' Every weekday till Christmas we will be premiering a new holiday music video starring your favorite YouTubers.