We’re hearing about some scary news from Greeley. A Weld County Jail inmate escaped this afternoon and was reported to be armed with a gun in the area of North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley. According to The Greeley Tribune shots were fired at about 4:30p.m.

Police were searching for the man, who was reported wearing an orange jail jumpsuit. The man was wearing shackles and was handcuffed. Officers at the scene said the inmate disarmed a sheriff’s deputy and made off with the gun, which was believed to be loaded with 10 rounds.

The Greeley SWAT team is on scene and have evacuated the United Church of Christ at the corner of 15th Street and 21s/t Avenue.

Scary stuff going on this afternoon, let’s hope this ends without any violence.

9News is  reporting that North Colorado Medical Center is on lockdown and so are Greeley Central High School, Heath Middle School and Maplewood Elementary School.


** 5:10pm UPDATE** The Greeley Tribune is reporting that the escaped inmate shot himself inside a nearby home and police have removed a possible hostage.

The escapee was identified as 32-year-old Raul Alaniz, and The Tribune reports that officials have not confirmed if the suspect died or not after shooting himself.

Apparently this guy had a court hearing scheduled for this afternoon and escaped while being taken to the hospital emergency room for treatment. He allegedly took an officer’s gun, broke into a nearby house, took a hostage, and eventually shot himself.

The lockdowns present during the standoff have been lifted.


**5:32pm UPDATE** The Tribune is now reporting that the escaped inmate did, in fact, die after shooting himself during the standoff.

Picture by Matty Ring, Flickr.