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Loveland Police are looking for this suspect who robbed a Walgreens on E14th Street Road yesterday.

If you have any info that could help capture this guy please contact the Loveland Police.Ugh, I hate hearing about things like armed robberies happening in our community. (I hate hearing about them anywhere, but it's extra scary when they are so close to home.)

According to the Loveland Reporter-Herald, Monday evening an armed man stole narcotics from the Walgreens at 1300 SW 14th St. in Loveland.

Store employees told [police] that a white man who appeared to be in his 20s and approximately 5-foot-10 had demanded narcotics and claimed to be armed with a weapon. Store employees complied with the man's demands, and he left the scene with an undisclosed amount of narcotics, in an unknown direction. The man was identified as wearing a black ball cap, sunglasses and a black long-sleeved shirt.

Let's help police catch this guy and get him off the street.

If you have any information about this case please call Detective Chris Kamoske at 970-962-2259.