Tuesday night I stayed out way past my bedtime again for a great night. Colbie Caillat and Andy Grammer played a show at the Paramount Theatre in Denver and Derek & I were lucky enough to take some Point listeners backstage to meet both artists.
Colbie is a lovely young woman, and Andy might be one of the nicest guys in rock n' roll and both of them put on a great show. Colbie even brought out a special Denver-born guest during her "encore." read more to find out who it was.

Andy Grammer impressed me as usual with his upbeat set that feels almost like a sing-a-long even when he plays a song you've never heard before. He showed off his many talents including singing, guitar, piano and beatboxing. He thew in a cover of Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars", and wrapped up with the crowd-favorite anthem "Keep Your Head Up".

Colbie opened her set a little bit slower with "Realize" before she kicked up the energy and cycled through a mix of hits, and music off of her new disc. The crowd was more than happy to sing along with her too. She played a hauntingly good version of The Script's "Breakeven" which was mixed together with a little bit of Tracy Chapman. Cool stuff.

She also pulled a move that I appreciated. She played an encore without pulling the encore stunt. It seems like most shows that I attend, I just expect an encore of 2-3 songs 4-5 minutes after the band leaves the stage. I always thought that encores only happened when fans stuck around cheering loud enough to get the band back out to play a few more. Suffice it to say, planned encores have lost their magic on me. But about the time I would have expected her to take a pre-encore break, she said forget the backstage nonsense, I'm going to stay up here and we're gonna play some more music.

She then brought out RyanTedder (of OneRepublic), a Denver-area-native, to join her on stage. Those two have worked together on numerous projects including Colbie's latest single. The two of them played a shortened version ofOneRepublic's "Good Life" and then wrapped the night up with "Brighter Than The Sun".

Overall, a quick show, but a good show. You can check out a few video highlights and some of the covers they played below.

FYI, if you ever go to the Paramount for a show, there are 2 parking garages withing 2 blocks where you get free parking with your ticket stub. Just a handy-dandy tip to save you a bit of cash and hassle when trying to park near the 16th Street Mall.