After Oreo the cat was taken from the Armstrong Hotel in Fort Collins over the weekend, he is now home safe!

He was found behind the art museum downtown and returned! Even though he is home safe and sound police are still looking for any information on the men that nabbed him from his home during St. Patrick's day.

According to the Coloradoan:

The entire staff at the Armstrong Hotel is incredibly grateful for the support that was shown for Oreo over the course of the last three days," he said late Tuesday. "While this has been a very difficult experience for everyone involved, it's reassuring to see a community of people so eager to help out.


I couldn't agree more! It makes you a little happy that tons of people rallied together to try and find poor Oreo! Again, if you have any information on they people that took him, I am sure the staff at the Armstrong and the police would love to hear it!