If you met a guy who said “I won’t date a girl who wears anything bigger than a size 8!” I bet you’d find a guy who has a long list of angry, jaded exes.


But a speed dating site from New York is hosting a ‘Skinny Minny’ dating event where girls tags will be checked at he door to make sure they are a size 8 or under.

The event description from OnSpeedDating.com says:

We all have relationship ‘deal-breakers', and that does not make us shallow, we’re just single New Yorkers that know what we want and are attracted to. Obviously there is more to it than just height or size, but for many of us that initial "attraction" factor is at least a starting point.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average clothing size for adult women in the United States is a 14, making our upcoming "Skinny Minny" night for svelte women size 0-8 anything but average. Guys, no need to worry about meeting a biggie-size chick "down-sizing" to an 8 like when you're dating on-line. We'll be checking labels at the door!

Now, I can understand the rational that ‘initial attraction’ is important. But is this really anything more than putting up a “No Fat Chicks” sign and rationalizing that it’s okay?

How humiliating would it be to have your ‘tag checked’ at the door and have a, most likely, overweight bouncer tell you you’re too big to speed date?

I suppose anyone who would want to date guys with those kind of specifications on pants size is kind of asking for it.

I mean there are dating sites for geeks, dating sites to meet women in prison, sites for people to schedule affairs, dating sites for tall people, dating sites for people with mental illnesses, dating sites for Star Trek fans, dating sites for stoners, dating sites for adults who like to dress like babies (no, I’m not making this up), dating sites for only ‘beautiful people’, dating sites for ‘World of Warcraft’ players, and a slew of other, oddly specific, match-making services that are exclusive to certain types of people.

There are even a number of 'plus-sized' dating sites that would exclude any girl that ‘qualifies’ for this ‘Skinny Minny’ night. So, I guess I can’t really have a problem with this one.

But when I read that description, something just seems…wrong with it.

What do you think?

[Skinny Minny Speed Dating Event Details]

Picture by, Charlotte Astrid.