I think we can all agree that the holiday lights that get hung in Old Town Fort Collins  are beautiful. Even if you ‘bah-humbug’ the Christmas season, you have to admit that those lights give a magical feel to the area.

But are all those pretty lights worth $75,000? Without funding there might be no lights in Old Town this Christmas.

According to the Coloradoan, the Old Town holiday lights may not be put up this year because of funding issues, or at least scaled back quite a bit.

In the past, the $75,000 bill has been paid by the City of Fort Collins the Downtown Business Association and the Downtown Development Authority. The city has $30,000 budgeted for lights, but that’s not near what they’d need to put displays up like the ones we’re used to.  Apparently, the DDA’s board has put the lights lower on its budget priorities, and the DBA is struggling with some finance issues of its own.

The city is planning as if there will be a light display right now, but if the funding isn't there, Old Town might not be as magical this year.

I hope someone steps up and foots the bill for the lights.

What do you think?