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New Belgium Brewing  has a new mobile app that allows you to put your phone in “beer mode”. What the heck is beer mode?

Well, according to NBB,

The idea is that the app posts to Facebook for you so when you're sitting at the bar you can take your nose out of your phone and put it into your beer, or a conversation with the real-life people sitting right next to you. The theory behind Beer Mode is somewhere in the world of the Anti-App, it's a phone app that encourages you to put your phone down.

Sounds like a good idea. It seems way too many people spend way too much time staring at the phones that they miss a lot of life passing them by. This app could be a fun way to get people to, I don't know, actually talk to other human beings. What a novel concept.

Basically the app just encourages you to keep your phone in your pocket and posts  a status to your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter as the app persona you choose. (You can actually choose what message is posted.) Then, it gives you a list of responses it can give back to people that respond to what the app posted to start with.

It’s kind of fun, I tried it and the post it chose for me was, “I'll know I've excelled in life when I no longer have to use Excel to make a living. Who's with me!?”

The app also does some other fun stuff like tell you about NBB beers, help you find where to get one, see upcoming beers, and learn about the brewery. Best of all, it’s available for Android or Apple and…it’s free. You can download it from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

Have you tried 'Beer Mode' yet?