If you're a Netflix subscriber, you may want to pull a couple of movie-marathon days if you want to stream anything like Tangled, Tron, Carrie, Scarface, Toy Story 3 or any of the near 1,000 movies that will not be available after Thursday. (840 movies to be exact, according to BlackBook.)

According to Daily Finance Netflix had a four-year deal Liberty Media's Starz that expires this Thursday (March 1st, 2012).  Your first thought might be, "I don't want any Starz movies," but before yo get too smug realize that they own the streaming rights to few of the major Hollywood studios. Once this deal expires Netflix will be pulling around 1,000 movies from their streaming cues; including Disney's newest retail releases and most new Sony movies.

I would say this is sad news, but I have pretty much given up on using Netflix for new movies. I love it for TV shows and documentaries, but there are so few big-name new release movies available that I don't even bother looking.

Is this news going to make you re-think your Netflix subscription?

Photo by jeffgunn, Flickr.