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Large animals wandering into Nederland may be leaving with sore backsides. At a community meeting Wednesday it was decided to use bean-bag projectiles shot from a 12-gauge shotgun - when appropriate - to send large animals on their way. While the projectile will sting, it's a humane way to get wildlife back into the wild before lethal means are necessary. It's also safer for officers and Boulder is on board with this system as well.

Nederland police have handled 48 wild-animal calls over the past year and a half. They've included 22 moose, 13 bears, and three elk.

Town Marshal Paul Carrill said this method will be used because;

"It's moose walking down First Street and elk walking on Snyder Street. It's people feeding the neighborhood bear, and the bears becoming accustomed to human help."

"That's not a huge number," he noted. "But when you put that number up against the fact that the police department didn't have a less lethal option to humanely move these animals along, out of contact with humans, that puts an officer in a very precarious situation."

Nederland's police force will be getting training in the weeks to come to master
shooting the bean bag projectiles.  Please see more on this story in the
Boulder Daily Camera.