Just because its National Nose Picking day doesn’t mean we should throw all the rules out the window. Effective nose picking is a science and must be taken seriously.

Before I go any further I’d like to apologize to my Grandma, she has been gone from this world for many years, but if she is looking down on me today, she will be all kinds of upset. She was a french woman with VERY high standards and I don’t think that she would accept me talking about nose picking. Now that I have covered that…

(inter)National Nose Picking Day

Who knew that not only does nose picking have its own day in the US, but internationally as well. Apparently nose picking is not just for toddlers anymore.

It is said that people on average pick their nose four times a day. Some are addicted to the act and others are simply extracting the extractable. When tissues won’t work, well we have fingers, right? Nose picking is defined as, you ready for this?

Nose-picking is the act of extracting dried nasal mucus or foreign bodies from the nose with a finger. Despite being a very common habit, it is a mildly taboo activity in most[ambiguous]cultures, and the observation of the activity in another person may provoke mixed feelings of disgust and amusement.

In all seriousness, nose picking is a common activity. Whether you use your finger, thumb or other object you are not alone. Nose picking is universal in the states and abroad. A simple extraction method dating back, presumably to the beginning of time. Understandably, the act of picking ones nose is considered a private act in some cultures.

Whether picking your nose is a habit or a disorder can be a fine line. If you are a chronic nose picker you could be labeled as a rhinotillexomaniac. The act of nose picking is rhinotillexomania. One of the side effects of picking your nose can be occasional nose bleeds and in the extreme situations nose picking can lead to a self-induced ethmoidectomy, and that’s pretty serious.

If you’re gonna pick, ya gotta do it right

  • If it’s wet abandon all finger rooting and grab a tissue
  • You should wash your hands after picking or keep your hands out of my popcorn
  • Pick and flick is the most common method of dry-mucus removal
  • Smearing your ‘find’ on, in or under anything is disgusting and should be avoided
  • You are not invisible in your car, be discrete, maybe use the pad of your thumb instead of your hole index finger
  • Picking is not an activity for the dinner table, even if you have a napkin
  • If your buddy, brother or spouse has a visible dingle-berry, tell them, don’t pick it for them.


National Nose Picking Day, now you know… carry on and pick carefully. :)