How many thugs does it take to rob two teenagers? Apparently, more than eight.

In New York, an attempted mugging was foiled when one of the attackers shot one of his seven accomplices in the leg while trying to rob two young men.

According to UPI the victims (Men aged 17 and 20) were confronted by a group of eight muggers while walking in the Bronx around 4AM. The boys fled to a nearby subway station and were cornered by attackers. The victims refused to give them any money, so one of the gang members attempted to pistol-whip them.

I guess he must have had the safety off, because when he swung it towards his target it went off and shot one of the thug’s accomplices in the leg. And in a true show of camaraderie, all but one of the gang members left their wounded companion behind. Those two were arrested and face robbery charges.

A gang of eight guys, armed with guns, that can’t rob two kids in a subway. I’m guessing their ‘street cred’ is long gone.


Photo by gcfairch, Flickr.