From cougars pouncing on my boyfriend to me visiting the ER for an allergic reaction, this past week or so of my life has been *interesting,* to say the least.

I'll save the cougar story for another blog soon, but I certainly had an eventful week. I've also been getting more into Snapchat in recent months and finally decided to share some of my random snaps with you as a peek inside what I do when I'm off the air.

Here's my very first Snap Rodeo, a collection of snaps from the last week and a half. You'll see my boyfriend's nipple, his cute face, my silly face(s), my adorable dog child, Jaq Jaq, my goofy parents playing with Snapchat, and more. If you decide you want to see more after watching this week's snaps below, feel free to add me as a friend, @famerobot, for more ridiculousness.


    I taught an "elderly" co-worker of mine how to use Snapchat last month. (It was adorable.)